Yusuke – V (Volt) [Pokemon XY OP]



This was actually a birthday present to me from Magenta and Alkaid of Aesir fame. They said I could upload it, so I thought it would make a nice apology for all of my April’s Fools shenanigans.

This is a music video of the opening to the Pokemon XY anime aka V (Volt). The XY anime actually isn’t so bad so far, and this song isn’t that bad either. Check it out if you’re a Pokemon fan, or a fan of really big Pikachu suits.


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DokiDoki! Pocketto Monsutahs Preview!

Look at your calender


This our brand new project! Pocket Monsters! We’ve decided to start from Episode #812 because, why not? This is a 3 minute preview to tease you until we release the full episode. Remember, everyone, to GETTO and KEEPU more Pocket Monsters!

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DokiDoki! Megaranger 01!



I was rewatching Megaranger for the 10th time recently, and I noticed that I did a terrible job of subbing it. It was completely unwatchable! So I decided to change my name and sub it properly! The world could use more Mega Ranger anyways.

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April Fool’s!


So to recap: April’s fools consisted of changing the blog around so everything was Doki-ified, and having Erina Mano’s “Doki Doki Baby” play in the background (If you click the rest of this post it’ll play again). As for releases, we did a “jokesub” of Megaranger 1 that was more like HKs, and a full jokesub of a Pokemon battle scene. Everything form this point on shall be joke free. I promise.


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Megaranger 51

It’s all over. Thank you all for your support. It all started right here on this little blog.




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Goseiger 33-44 (And Megaranger 43-44)


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Megaranger 39


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