Megaranger 02

It is in indeed an amazing mecha.

RAW: Removed



This was a awesome second episode. There is some amazing model work and you get to see some city destruction and lot’s of civilians running away. That space fight at the end is also a real visual treat. This episode shows off NejiRejia’s main speaking habit, everything is “twisted this and twisted that.” Expect to see lot’s of “Twist the humans!” and other stuff like that.There was a TL note left by TV-N that says [Nejire = to twist]. In most cases I changed the dialogue to reflect this. For the monsters however I left it alone, and after talking with the other subbers they seemed to agree with that. TV-N also missed an obvious use of “twisted”. In the beginning of the episode when Kubota says “…created to oppose the Nejirejian invaders from another dimension.”  TV-N had it as “…created to oppose the invaders from the second dimension.” No clue how they missed the blatantly obvious Nejire in there.

If you read all of this then treat yourself to Galaxy Mega’s theme song as my thanks!

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