Kamen Rider D-D-D-DECADE!

RAW: Removed

SUBS: http://www.mediafire.com/?g7lpba7vvirah8b

Don’t worry I haven’t abandoned Megaranger.

So yea I’m doing Decade alongside of Megaranger. There’s a reason for it but it’s not really interesting. Basically other scrubbers are handling 1-2 50 episode shows at a time. I have…a 50 episode show with only 21 episodes worth of subs.  I figured if I had a short show to work on, it would give me the same amount of work. So the only show I could think of was Decade. Unlike Megaranger it’s going to be real easy to turn out an episode of Decade. Why? Because Decade is completely subbed, both in English and Portuguese. Basically I can take the Portuguese sub files, that are already synched up to the RAW, and just replace the text with English. Then I just check for spelling and grammar and that’s it! One episode of Decade is done. Megaranger requires a bit more work.

To start with, Megaranger has Portuguese subs for the first 7 episodes. After that I have to take the TV-N hardsub and run the video through a program that looks for white spots and then asks me if those white spots are letters. If they are and it recognizes what letter it is then it puts that sentence into a sub file. If it doesn’t recognize it then I have to do it manually. Or I can watch the video, pause it at every piece of dialogue and the manually type it in. Either way, it takes a long time. Especially if the white part of the Megaranger uniform is in the frame.

Changes: For this episode I had a hell of a time thinking of a replacement for ‘Natsumikan.’ After consulting with SteelAJeeg and ShinkenAnon, the latter of whom came up with the brilliant idea of, Nastumandarin! This way the original meaning is intact and I can use it just like it was used in Japanese. Except now I don’t need to put a horrid TL note in there, which was what almost happened. ‘Ane-san’  is now ‘Sis’, Henshin is Transform. Basic stuff really. I have to thank everyone who helped me with this. sgtkira for helping me with some wording in the script, Jeeg and ShinkenAnon for Natsumandarin, and ShinkenAnon again for already doing two episodes of this show. As a little teaser, future episodes are gonna have some surprises.

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I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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4 Responses to Kamen Rider D-D-D-DECADE!

  1. JP says:

    How do you feel about people uploading your work, I ask because I mux’d the MKV and subs together and was thinking about uploading the file if you were OK with it, your name is in the file name, like how most sub groups do it, the only problem I have with the file name is I’m guessing now I’ve mux’d the subs it’ll have a new CRC but I’m not sure how you find that out as I’m still a little new at this stuff. Granted if you’d rather I didn’t upload it then that’s cool too as it is your work (I’ve mux’d the three Decade episodes so far).

  2. MegaAnon says:

    You can send it to my e-mail (octavio809@gmail.com). Regarding Episode 3, there’s one line I want to fix so once you give me Ep 1 I’ll send you the new script for 3.

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