Megaranger 06

RAW: Removed


This episode was quite interesting. We get a hi-tech building with logic defying stairs, a Tank, a doughnut eating stalker, and…TigerRanger Boi!? Yeah apparently Jirou has the same actor as Boi from Zyuranger. I love when Sentai reuses actors, it’s so fun. On the technical side of things starting with this episode the font will be bigger and easier to read. Also some fancy foreign words from some ancient mystical sacred language have also been added to the OP and ED. You also get an entirely different ED translation than what TV-N had. Please let me know which one you like best. I’ll eventually go back and make these changes to the other releases to but for now we move on into the future. Expect Decade 02 Monday. I’m going to try and make Decade a weekly release but again it’s not taking anytime away from Megaranger at all. Enjoy!

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