Q10 Episode 01

Another show seriously!? And it's a J-Drama? Are you nuts!?

RAW: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FLY465NK

Sub: http://www.mediafire.com/?5c72mlz7r6a9i2w

I’m not a big J-Drama guy, in fact Q10 is the first drama I’ve seen. Maybe it’s my last.  The main thing that drew me to this show was the fact that the girl is a robot. After I watched the first episode I fell in love with this show. I don’t know why I  just did. Anyways this show is about Fukai Heita, a high school kid who thinks he’s “not important”. Long story short he find a hot robot chick and he learns a bit about what it means to be alive and she learns about…stuff. It’s an interesting show and I really love it. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Well if you’ve seen it then why are you scrubbing it? Sub stealer!” Well this show has 3/10 episodes subbed by an actual group. The rest I found on a random website and I can’t tell who did them. They’re not HK’s but they could use some grammar fixing and font editing. Real basic stuff. In fact, this Episode took me all of a 30 min to do. 15 of that was fixing up the ED song. This will be a rare release, but not too rare. Like Decade it will be worked on when I need a break. (Just looking at Megaranger 8 makes me rage, it’s all Kenta’s fault!) So please enjoy! If you like Dramas, or robot girls, or Ryoutaro Nogami then check it out.

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2 Responses to Q10 Episode 01

  1. 鋏ジャガー says:

    It’s a good idea, as there are many J-Doramas that have awful english subs(the kind you have to mentally unscramble), and hopefully this might start a movement of Dorama scrubbers. And here I thought your episode 8 rage would be directed at SubRip…

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