Q10 02 and Decade PV [Updated]

Tip: Otaku do not like Women.


RAW: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ROTJYAV2

Sub: http://www.mediafire.com/?cn396euud723xyy

Journey through the Decade PV:  http://www.multiupload.com/W9SIZVAPJV


Another episode of Q10! This time Kyuuto has a creepy Otaku stalker, learns that human books are filled with lies, and then gets paid to cosplay and go on a date! Lot’s of great lines from Heita in this episode and Kyuuto continues to be cute.


Since KouAidou went through all the trouble of translating Journey through the Decade I figued that i should make good use of all of it. So here’s the DVD version of the PV ripped straight from the disk ISO. This is the best quality you will find of this PV. As an added bonus the subs have been muxed into the video so you don’t have to download anything separate. As a super added bonus you get 3 sub track, all of which will probably blow up your computer. One track is just the English translation, the other is just the Japanese karaoke, and the other (default track) is both. Why did I do this? Because I’m crazy and I like to push the limits.

EDIT: I have push the limits. Because the PV did in fact crash several video players. Strangely my MPCStar played it fine, as did a nightly build of VLC. Media Player Classic, mplayer, and Media Player all refused to play the file. Computers are weird. So to fix this the new download has just the video muxed with Japan and English and if you want the separate scripts then you’ll have to dl them separately. Let’s see if that solves the problem. If it doesn’t then it’s the video. You think a guy who is scrubbing Megaranger could get a simple video file to work. 

EDIT 2: FortMax fixed the video. It should work on just about any player now. All three sub tracks also work just fine.

KouAidou’s Blog: http://j2epro.blogspot.com/

Kou’s Journey through the Decade translation: http://tokuscrubs.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/journey-through-the-decade-translated-song-lyrics/

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2 Responses to Q10 02 and Decade PV [Updated]

  1. Light02 says:

    hmm…your encode for the PV is crashing MPC have you checked on your end if it’s working on that?

    • MegaAnon says:

      It worked fine for me on MPC and a nightly build of VLC. Other players hated it. It might be the video, in which case you’re screwed. But for now see if the V2 works.

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