Megaranger 07



This episode lives up to it’s title “The Annoying Stalker Girl” because damn that chick is annoying. I’m hoping we never see her ever again, ever. On a side note this episode has a few of those infamous panty shots that start popping up around this time. I think there was one in the last episode as well, can’t remember. On the TL side of things this episode had the headache inducing “Shitsurenjaa” line in it. I settled on using “Lost Ranger” and I’m gonna admit that it’s probably not right at all but it’s one line at the end of the episode and I could sit here all day figuring it out and get no where. In fact that line stumped a few people in the IRC chat so it’s not just me being ignorant and saying “screw it.” It really is a bitch of a line. Anyways enjoy the ep and look forward to more Decade and Q10 soon.

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