Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – Act 01-04

In the name of Venus this isn't my show!

Since I provided the timing for this show (thanks to an awesome fan who attend one of my streams) this can technically go on my blog can’t it?

Act 01


Act 02 –
Act 03 –
Act 04 –

The awesome people over at MissDream have released the first episode of the 2004 tokusatsu, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! It’s a pretty fun, if glittery and pink, show and I recommend it to any fan of the anime or someone looking for a different kind of Toku. For you Kamen Rider OOO fans you’ll be pleased to know that a young Gamel plays the role of Nephrite and Double fans should be really happy that Queen Beryl is played by none other than Maria S. Cranberry aka Erternal’s Mom! Tuxedo Mask is played by Kamen Rider Ibuki for you Hibiki fans. Later on in the show a young Shizuka from Kamen Rider Kiva plays a very special character as well.

I hope you all enjoy this show, it’s really fun.

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