Megaranger 09 + Aikawa Nanase PV

If I could describe this episode in one word it would be 'violent'

Megaranger 09:




Story after the bump!

So I’m sure you’re wondering why there’s a random PV of a JPOP song from 1997 in this Megaranger related post, right? Well in one scene of this episode there’s a CD store with this song playing in the background. And by background I mean it’s loud enough to be an insert song. Considering it came out right around when mega started airing I can only assume that it’s a subtle commercial in disguise. However after looking at the lyrics it actually somewhat fits the episode. Anyways I became curious as to what I was hearing so I googled it and found out that it’s called ‘Troublemaker’ and it’s sung by Aikawa Nanase (she sang the first OP to Kamen Rider Blade). It’s a pretty catchy tune and the PV is trippy so I said ‘Why not?’ and subbed it for you guys. Big thanks to Magenta for the song translation! I hope you guys like it.

As for Megaranger this episode sure is violent. There’s destruction of property, a guy being assaulted with metal bats, a chick with Molotov cocktails, and much more. This has to be one of the coolest Nejire monsters yet. My only gripe with him is he says ONORE way too much. Must be related to Narutaki or something. This is a MegaYellow episode so if you’re a fan of as much as I am then you’ll love it. I plan on getting two more episodes out before next Saturday, I think you guys know why. here’s hoping I can pull it off! I probably won’t though because ‘life’.

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