Megaranger 01 SA Edit




Well, this feels familiar. Yesterday I looked over my episode 1 script and was disgusted by it. bad timing, horrible sentences. How did you guys watch it? It’s trash. So I fixed it. Actually this script was given to me by ShinkenAnon way back when i actually did Episode 1. Why did I never use it? I have no clue, and I kick myself for not doing this sooner. But I hope you guys enjoy. And don’t worry this didn’t take time away from any other project. Those are all on track, it’s just that I wanted to put more effort into Megaranger because of Gokaiger. This video marks the first time I’m using that delicious new OP translation from Magenta. Fitting for the first episode. Anyways, enjoy! If you haven’t seen mega yet then now’s the perfect time.

About MegaAnon

I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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One Response to Megaranger 01 SA Edit

  1. Vincent says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your subs. Thanks!

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