Mano Erina- Serenade of Youth

MegaAnon has finally snapped

Here it is, the Mano Erina PV I promised /m/! Who’s Erina Mano? Other than playing Kamen Rider Nadeshiko in Fourze x OOO MegaMax, I have no idea. She apparently sings songs and other stuff to make guys buy her overpriced merchandise. Why this video? Because the one music video I saw that I really wanted to do doesn’t get released until February (yet the whole thing is on her YouTube channel, weird) so you’re stuck with this one until then. Maybe, when February rolls around I’ll do that other one. For now just enjoy this cutesy, schoolgirl filled, serenade of youth!

I should also take this time to inform you guys of the status of my current shows:

Megaranger: Need more raws. I’m getting some soon and in the meantime I’ve been scrubbing the episodes so when I do get raws they just need to be timed. Up to episode 11 is done.

Decade: Out of my hands for now but 5 should be out soon. On my end I am so far ahead on this show it’s ridiculous. I can’t speak for everyone else but when it’s my turn to do an episode they’ll be out super fast. Seriously, if i told you guys what episode I was on you’d be mad.

Q10: This one is pure laziness. The timing sucks really hard, the sentence structure is stiffer than anything you’ve seen before, and it’s just a frustrating mess. That said if I had a timer, or an editor I’d gladly turn more of this show out. That said, I am working on it. Slow, but steady. Episode 4 is scrubbed, it just need slight timing tweaks.

And that’s it, for now.

Oh and this was the video I had my sights set on. It’s even more cutesy and random. Doki Doki Baby.

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I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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