Megaranger 10

Despite how this looks, this episode is incredibly sad.




We’ve finally hit the double digits hooray! Sorry this one took so damn long. The raw for episode 10 that was up on TRR decided to die, and wouldn’t you know it? There’s no other Megaranger raws on the internet. Blasphemy! Anyways I managed to find an ISO and the amazing FortMax (from BunnyHat Subs) got me some raws. We’re all set until episode 26 and then, who knows.  I wasn’t slacking though, I promise. I used the downtime to work on Mega. I won’t let raws stop me!

Anyways, this episode is a real tearjerker and it’s easily the saddest episode so far. It’s also a really pretty episode. Between the opening and the title card there’s a grand total of 2 lines of dialogue. This is an episode where the actions and music do the talking. You’ll see what I mean in the final fight scene, it’s really nice. This episode is also a real bonus for you lovers of androids, robots (especially gynoids) and BatNejires. Oh and if you like flutes then you’ll also like this episode.  I can’t really say much more without ruining the episode, it’s something you need to see.

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