Megaranger 11

Someone get the giant robot. There's a monster downtown again.




Hey look! A two for one deal! This episode was something I worked on while I was waiting for more raws to appear. Just like last episode this one is  a bit sad, but not as sad. This time it’s Chisato’s turn to say “Unforgivable!” This episode seriously made me question whether that Ruri kid was actually okay after everything ended. I imagine she probably has a huge fear of nuns, churches, holy water, and a supreme fear of roses. That child cannot be okay, no way man. I really, really like Shiborena as a villain just because of this episode. Her plan sounds weird (gather all the kids into a church and turn them into roses) but it’s so delightfully twisted that it works. She seems like an actual threat, and for an android she’s remarkably awesome. Dr. Hinelar didn’t mess around when he built her, that’s for sure. This would have made the perfect halloween episode and I’m sad that I couldn’t release in time. Oh well, it’s all up from here.

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