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Decade 06 + 07

MKV Episode 6 Episode 7 6 MP4 6 AVI 7 MP4 7 AVI Scripts Episode 6 Episode 7 I was hesitant to release both of these at the same time but I figured since there was a rather large wait … Continue reading

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Great Battle Wiki

As the it gets closer to the release there’s more info coming in on this game, so I figured now would be the time to create a wiki for it. It’s very similar to the one I did for Rider … Continue reading

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More Stuff

Megaranger 01 (V2) Megaranger 02  (V1) Megaranger 03 (V1) Megaranger 04 (V1) Megaranger 05 (V1) Megaranger 06 (V1) Megaranger 07 (V1) Megaranger 08 (V1) Megaranger 09 Megaranger 10 Megaranger 11 Megaranger 12 Journey Through the Decade I’ll be adding more … Continue reading

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