Decade 06 + 07


Episode 6

Episode 7

6 MP4


7 MP4



Episode 6

Episode 7

I was hesitant to release both of these at the same time but I figured since there was a rather large wait between 4 and 5 that you guys deserved two episodes. These episodes are rather… interesting. I like the concept of it but the think the Lawyer system is incredibly flawed. They should have just went with a Colosseum style tournament for this world, with Mirror World acting as as the Colosseum and having some way for people to watch and bet on the Riders.  But enough of my terrible fanfic, we got what we got.

A little bit of background trivia: This episode was originally going to be done by Ryuganon but his computer broke, so I did it instead. He later expressed how happy he was that he didn’t have to do it (something about hikkyou and rakkyou, I don’t know.) He’s a good guy though.

I’m not sure when the Blade episodes are coming. The person subbing them is really busy and I respect that so I’m not gonna pester them about it. I hope you guys enjoy!

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