Megaranger 14

Two in one day!? No way!



MP4 –

This episode features one very annoying child of the week. I hate, hate, hate, HATE him! Every line he says is a mix between crying, whining, and mumbling. It made timing a real pain every time he spoke. Even when he’s not being bullied he talks like this. Just geez. Other than that this is another great episode. It’s a Miku and Kenta centric episode and those are always fun, and I love seeing the interactions between those two because they both play off of each other perfectly. There’s not much of the other Megarangers in this episode because they’re studying for college (lame!) As for the monster of the week? There isn’t one. Well, there is but it’s an army of KuneKune! A pretty cool idea actually. If you’re curious the word Kunekune means “Wriggling” (at least that’s what Wikipedia says). It’s also a type of hairy pig found in New Zealand. How interesting.


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