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I’ll be using this space to list what files have been reuploaded, and of course provide links. You can also find the links on the toolbar. Just click the show name. EDIT: Everything but Mega 1-8 is back up. Megaranger: … Continue reading

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Status of things

So Fileserve borked us all pretty hard. Thankfully I can still download my own files, Now it’s a matter of finding another place to hold them. Now I’m in the process of reuploading everything to I’ll also be creating … Continue reading

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Megaranger 15

MKV Script 15 episodes already? Time flies. This episode has a pretty interesting twist and we actually get to find out what exactly a Digital Research Club does, or should do rather. Shun steals the spotlight for this one and … Continue reading

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[MegaXros] Psychic Lover- Tagiru Chikara Live

This wonderful release was brought to you with the help of Alkaid from Over-Time fame (and your weekly Xros Wars live summarizer). She’s such a cool person to work with and she deserves more credit than I do. This video … Continue reading

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