[MegaXros] Psychic Lover- Tagiru Chikara Live

Not an April's Fool joke

This wonderful release was brought to you with the help of Alkaid from Over-Time fame (and your weekly Xros Wars live summarizer). She’s such a cool person to work with and she deserves more credit than I do. This video is a live version of Tagiru Chikara by Psychic Lover. Sadly it’s not the best quality but it’s all we could find and it’s the lyrics that matter most right? Speaking of lyrics both of us racked our brains and gave this song an awesome overhaul. We hope you like the lyrics as much as we liked subbing them.

Me and Alkaid also have a few more things coming up for you guys real soon, some Digimon related, some not. Either way, this Xros isn’t over yet. Enjoy!


MP4 – http://jumbofiles.com/zez6vq82qiwi

AVI – http://jumbofiles.com/8wykh6ylmdxx

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I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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