Megaranger 15



15 episodes already? Time flies.

This episode has a pretty interesting twist and we actually get to find out what exactly a Digital Research Club does, or should do rather. Shun steals the spotlight for this one and he does a bit of trolling and basically acts like the smug jerk he is. This is a nice episode with some good action and a great insert song (“Install! Megaranger!” for those who were wondering). Next episode, however, blows this one and a ton of episodes up until now out of the water. It’s a pretty serious episode in which Kenta discovers he has a penis (No seriously). Actually that’s one of the few funny moments. It’s a pretty serious episode overall. But I won’t spoil it.

And a note about fileserve. Yeah I know everything’s down and I’m trying to get it all back up. I haven’t really settled on a host so this episode is on shragle. If you can’t find the download button on their then use JDownloader. In fact use JDoenloader for everything. It’s just awesome. Decade will be uploaded first. Mega will come later since I figured I should look through the old eps and clean them up. Some of those timing and grammar mistakes are just embarrassing.

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I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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12 Responses to Megaranger 15

  1. Dave Justice says:

    I NEED SUBS TO LIVE! щ(゚Д゚щ)

    Can I have a link to them, please? 🙂

    • MegaAnon says:

      Hey how about you be patient until I can reupload everything. Cool? Plus if you click that thing that says MKV you can download episode 15 right now!

      • Dave Justice says:

        Ah, no worries, mate. Take all the time you need. Didn’t mean to sound like I was rushing you, I was just being dramatic for the lulz ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

        I actually wanted the subs separate because a mate o’ mine from Cairo wanted to try translating them into Arabic for his other friends. Do you mind if I send it to him? We’ll give you full credit, of course.

        Heh, he loves the delightful craziness of Sentai as much as I do and apparently he’s trying to win over a few Arabian unbelievers but their English is a bit shoddy so he’s trying to make it easier for them to understand. Honestly, how could I not try to help such a worthy cause? The more who worship the might of Sentai, the better! (^◡◡^)

      • MegaAnon says:

        Sure I don’t mind. Spread the love! If you look through the individual release posts the links to the scripts should still be up. They were all hosted on mediafire if I recall.

  2. Dave Justice says:

    Jolly good! I’ve sent him the scripts for 1-14 now. Could I have ep. 15’s ass too, please?

    Thanks 🙂

    • JP317 says:

      I don’t know if I should give away the deep dark secrets but if you get a program called MKV Extract you could get the scrip from the MKV, oh don’t tell Mega I told you this he will never know…

      • MegaAnon says:

        I know all about MKVExtract and it’s dark secrets, don’t worry. But I just added the script so ha!

      • Dave Justice says:

        I love secrets, the deeper and darker the better! It’s just my connection’s crappy and cuts out a lot so it’d be easier to grab the script by itself for my mate while I wait for the mkv to finish in jDownloader. Anyhow, MegaAnon has proven to be a total bro and added the script so any and all points are now moot, haha!

        Thanks a bunch, mate! 😀

  3. Don’t Worry! Take you time to reupload. Just don’t stop please! XD

    • MegaAnon says:

      Me stop? I’d never! I might take a while and then get sidetracked and work on music videos that never get released but I would never stop. Never ever.

      • I have a little porpouse. You can put 2 subtitle tracks on a MKV? Beacuse i wan’t translate megaranger to spanish. If is possible, we can release a MKV with two subtitle tracks. What do you think?

      • MegaAnon says:

        You can. But I think you’re better off just releasing them in your own MKV. I don’t own the raws so you’re free to use them as you wish.

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