Status of things

So Fileserve borked us all pretty hard. Thankfully I can still download my own files, Now it’s a matter of finding another place to hold them. Now I’m in the process of reuploading everything to I’ll also be creating mirror links to jumbofiles. Decade is going up first, followed by the PVs, then Mega. Why is Mega last? Because frankly, those early episodes I did embarrass me. I’m afraid to look to them. So I’m going to clean those up and V2 them. Something I thought I wouldn’t do until I was done with this series. However, they really need it. There’s also the possibility of better raws so I want to hold out until that happens. No sense in wasting bandwith uploading and then reuploading. Oh, and when it comes to V2s those should be fast. Hopefully within a week from when I start I’ll be done with all of them. If I recall right I only have 1-8 to do. I should reupload 9-14 huh? Yeah…..

I’ve also got some more music videos coming up, some MegaXros work, and some surprises.

If you read all of this then you’re a cool person. Now go do something productive with your life!

About MegaAnon

I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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