Zyuranger 13


Don’t take apples from strange Bunny people.





If you like Mei then you’re in luck because this episode is all about her! If you hate Mei then, you’re still in luck because she suffers a ton. I really do like Mei so this episode was pretty cool. I actually completely forgot about it so seeing it again was like a new experience. That said I don’t think I’ll ever say “Man I hate this episode.” So my opinion is pointless.

So, about the monster this week. This time we have DoraLadon, which is based on the mythical… Ladon. Now the Ladon was a snake like creature who guarded a tree full of golden apples. Hence why DoraLadon has a golden apple on his head. That’s about all I know but maybe that makes this episode cleaner for some of you people who like to apply logic to this show (Don’t do that, seriously just don’t). Enjoy the episode whether you’re rooting for Mei or hating her (How could you hate her though? She’s adorable). Now we’re entering into the final few episodes before things get serious.

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2 Responses to Zyuranger 13

  1. JP317 says:

    Honestly putting out new episodes when you haven’t even given me time to re-encode the old ones, that’s just rude :p

    As you know I’m loving more Zyu and I know you guy will keep up the GOOD work…

  2. Dave Justice says:


    In lighter news, sweet ep man 🙂

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