Decade 08

Blade’s World: It makes you gay


Well this took a while. But there’s no helping that. The kind person who was originally going to do this episode got busy with irl things (I respect that), and Ryuganon didn’t want to touch this episode at all (he’s a smart guy). So that left me. There was also some other stuff in between but whatever here’s Blade! Most people will say this is the worst episode of Decade, up there with “uhmazon” and “that” movie. But really I don’t think it’s that bad. I also haven’t seen Blade, so that’s probably why. Tsukasa is a grade A dick as always and I love scrubbing his dialogue. TV-N played him too straight, his actual lines are a bit more snarky and I hope I brought that out. This is a pretty good showcase of Tsukasa’s attitude. Even when he’s a t the bottom he thinks he’s at the top, and when he’s at the top he thinks he’s above the top. He also really hates authority but loves giving order. Makes him fun to watch IMO. Like when he transforms in this episode. He’s standing high above every else just watching, kind alike a classic villain, and then decides to say a stupid line and jumps right into the action, goes straight into a KAMENRIDE and makes every go “Who’s this guy?”. Then he goes “I’m a cook in that cafeteria where you guys work. I’m a Super Royal Ace!” and then he gets knocked down a few pegs. I love it. Watch his facial expressions when he gets insulted like that, you’ll notice he winches or tcks a bit.

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  1. Akuma Blade says:

    Decade links are dead, please re upload. Thanks and best regards.

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