Mano Erina Super Fun Youthful Boom PV Pack of Adorableness! (Now with subs!)



Seishun no Seranade:
Seishun no Seranade (Dance Shot Ver):
Doki Doki Baby:
Doki Doki Baby (Dance Shot Ver):

So I promised Doki Doki, then I released it. Then I found an error in it so I deleted it from the internet. Then sometime during all that I got a better raw and discovered these nifty “Dance Solo Ver.” Which is basically just Erina dancing and it’s adorable! Then I just decided to make a torrent full of this adorableness and throw in a video I already did with it.The result is a while 266 MiB of adorableness crammed into a single torrent.

Warning: This much adorableness could not only break your uTorrent but your computer as well as your sanity. You have been warned. I am not responsible for any damages caused by this torrent.

Thanks go to:

eMisha for translating Doki Doki Baby after a certain few adorable hating TL’s refused *coughMagentacoughHeatcough*

FZed for the RAWs and for finding the Dance Ver. for me. You rock!

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I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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3 Responses to Mano Erina Super Fun Youthful Boom PV Pack of Adorableness! (Now with subs!)

  1. fzed says:

    Thanks, man. If you ever need any Mano stuff again just let me know, I have most of it/can find it pretty easily. Also, I made a wordpress so if you wanna linky link me, that’d be kind of cool.

  2. JP317 says:

    Well I sure do hope that uTorrent survives I need it for downloading other stuff that isn’t as adorable, which let’s be honest is just about anything else.

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