Megaranger 17





Episode Notes:

-The class is taking a trip to the Rindoh Lake Park. It’s a real place and part of this episode feels like a blatant commercial for it.

-Miku’s song lists a bunch of places in Nasu-kougen (Where Rindoh Lake is)

-Epinard is the name of a hotel (possible the one they’re staying at)

I think that’s all of them. Here’s some basic info on Rindoh if you’re interested. Seems like a nice place to kill an afternoon at.

So this episode was one that I was really excited to work on. However, that excitement turned to rage. It’s a great episode no doubt, one of the best so far. It’s just that well it was a bitch to scrub. The song in the beginning was completely translated wrong and the audio was hard to hear but thankfully an kind anon found a transcript of it and Kou whipped up a grade A translation for it. There was also an issue I had with the end of the episode. Miku’s dialogue is so stupid even the characters are confused. But it’s done now, and I guarantee you’ll love it (no money back guarantee though).

Now as for the status of this show. I’ll never take a break from this show ever. That’s not me. However I’d like to stop releasing this show until I get better raws (hopefully really soon) or until I get the confirmation that there are no raws to get. Either way I’ll be working on episodes, just not releasing them. Then when I get the raws you’ll get every released episode and maybe some new ones in a fancy torrent. My promise!
Also please give me feedback on Mega. If there’s anything you don’t like, let me know since I’ll be going over the old stuff soon.

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I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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6 Responses to Megaranger 17

  1. akaruiashita says:

    Thanks MegaAnon.. Love this so much.. Keep it up guys..

  2. CJXtreme says:

    Are you going to upload the script or not?

  3. Cyan says:

    The work you do on this series is good enough; they’re DVD raws, so if better ones do come along, at least it’s not a major job to version them up. Not like using TV raws, where the timing has to be fixed up if (and when) DVDs crop up.

    That said, the work you’re doing on this series and Zyuranger (along with GUIS) is fantastic! And at a mighty fine pace too. It’s really something special when a group/single guy can time, sub, typeset, edit and proof an episode at such an exhilarating pace.

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