Zyuranger 20





Bandora’s plan to destroy DaiZyuJin starts to come together! Will she succeed? Or will the Zyuranger triumph and win over evil? There’s only one way to find out! (Or you could just wikipedia the answer, cheaters)

So yeah, things are heating up. I really like this episode because it shows Bandora’s evil side and her goofy side. It makes for a hilarious scene about 4 minutes into the episode. The rest of the episode (no matter what Burai says) is anything but funny. Next episode is one of the darker and more violent episodes this show has to offer. Burai’s gonna go on a rampage and a certain Beast is going to rise out of the sea. Look forward to it!

Trivia: Grifforzer is voiced by Tokumaru Kan. He’s had minor roles in Mobile Suit Gundam (Gaia, the Black Tri-Star Pilot, Doan, ), Captain Harlock (as Harlock himself for episodes 9-10), G Gundam (Gonzales in Episode 7), Kamen Rider Black (Episode 11’s monster), Fist of the North Star (Hiruka in episodes 94-95) and a TON of other roles. Just look at this list!


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    Thanks for all your hard work, MegaAnon.

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