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Zyuranger 25

Torrent 1-25 Torrent Patch We’re half way there! And what better way to celebrate the half way point then to have Keita Amemiya direct this episode? I’ve praised this man enough in my ZO and J releases so I’ll save … Continue reading

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Decade 9

  Torrent Patch The journey continues! Not too much to say about this episode, it just sorta exists. Like I really forgot most of this episode and all I recalled from it is the cafeteria. Some people don’t like this … Continue reading

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Megaranger 19

Torrent Patch Script From the very beginning this episode feels like an endgame episode. It really doesn’t seem like an episode 19. This is more like episode 47 material. You have buildings exploding, a full on invasion, all hell breaking … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 24

Torrent Patch Ever wonder what would happen if Tottopat and Bukbak shoved random things into the furnace just to see what it would make? The answer is the coolest DoraMonster ever! I don’t even know how to describe this guy, … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 23

Torrent Patch This episode is incredibly silly. Don’t get me wrong it’s good, but if you’re expecting more of the Dragonranger type of episode then you’re gonna have to wait a bit. This episode is really silly, sillier than monkey … Continue reading

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Digimon Adventure the Movie

  Torrent With Digimon World Re:Digitize for the PSP coming out soon, and the fact that it’s the 15th Aniversary of the Digimon franchise I thought it’d be fun to do something Digimon related. I decided to go back and … Continue reading

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SHF AkibaRed Pics

I got SHF AkibaRed in the other day so I grabbed my camera and I let the delusions run wild. And since I’m such a huge jerk I’d thought I’d post them on my blog because, well, it’s my blog! … Continue reading

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