Zyuranger 22





We’ve finally reached the end of an amazing chapter in not only Zyuranger, but Super Sentai as well. For the first time a Sentai team gained a 6th member (shut up X1 doesn’t count, it was ONE episode). This episode has some amazing fights both mecha wise and ranger wise. It’s a ton of fun for the eyes, and if you’ve been with us this far then you won’t be disappointed. You finally get that amazing showdown between Geki and Burai, and Geki goes full badass. It’s just so awesome! Don’t worry though Burai will keep showing up, just not as often. He is living on borrowed time after all. So for now the focus is going to shift to the other Rangers. Next episode things get a bit silly again and love is in the air for the heroes. But I think we could all use a little comedy after the world (read: Tokyo) almost got destroyed. So next week, it’s Love Love time with DoraPixie! Look forward to it!

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6 Responses to Zyuranger 22

  1. Paolo1350 says:

    I finally understand how the Megazord was revived. Power Rangers never explained it. Thank you for subbing this epic arc which will surely bring back childhood memories to anyone.

    • Chris says:

      If i remember correctly they said that the megazord was sent in a secret base and repared.

      • JP317 says:

        I think you might be thinking of Doomsday, in Green With Evil Zordon gets found by Alpha and the computer, the Morphers and Coins glow ten they teleport to the Zords.

        But I still find it funny that they both think the Mecha is destroyed when the Tyrannosaurus basically raises from lava whenever it’s summoned anyway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    MP4/AVI encode coming soon?

  3. Al says:

    I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot understand why Sentai fans have passed over Zyuranger for so long while subbing just about every other Sentai series out there. Zyuranger gave birth to the one of the biggest franchises in history! It’s also so much better than Power Rangers. I beg you to stick it out until the final episode so we can finally have them all. Again, you’re awesome!!!

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