Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon OP 1&2




Sometimes when you get bored you do weird things. When I get bored I either stare at a wall, or I sub something really random. In this case it was a few months back and I had the Sailor Moon theme stuck in my head. Well after a while I snapped, found a RAW, and subbed it. Now, this was something that was never supposed to be released. Actually, I thought I had deleted it but nope, it was just hidden away on my HDD. I figured with the recent announcement of a reboot Sailor Moon anime coming out in 2013 that “Why not? I put time and effort into this. Maybe someone will appreciate it.” So included in this .zip is the first two openings which both use the same song “Moonlight Densetsu”but they each have different visuals so I couldn’t pick just one. As far as Sailor Moon goes my only exposure to it half of the Toku (it’s on my “to watch” list), the Sailor V manga (I’m a sucker for Sailor Venus), and this song. I’ve never actually seen the anime. I think that makes me a terrible person. But oh well. Enjoy!

A word of caution: These videos are the first time I messed  around with stuff like “fading” and “font color”. So if something fucked up, let me know!

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7 Responses to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon OP 1&2

  1. JP317 says:

    You do realise that in a day or two I’m going to send you links to two new rars with the MP4 and AVI versions of these right? Just because I can, and the only reason it will take so long is that I’m busy most of tomorrow :p

    • MegaAnon says:

      That seems so incredibly pointless that you have to do it now! Just so people can say “I watched the OP to Sailor Moon on my PS3! Why? BECAUSE I CAN!”

  2. FZed says:

    It looks fine to me. I don’t really like the fading in and out personally but I know you just did it because you were bored and were messing around in Aegisub. I might have shifted the timing back a tiny bit though because of the slow fade in but that’s just being nit picky.

    • MegaAnon says:

      I might do a non fade in version later. I definitely don’t think it’s something I’ll be applying to my other videos anytime soon.

      • FZed says:

        You don’t have to do that, it’s fine as it is. I mean, it’s just the opening song to Sailor Moon. This isn’t SERIOUS BUSINESS.

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  4. Auvers says:

    I’d recommend the anime/manga if you can. The live version… while story wise it’s decent, heck it’s Kobayashi! It’s just far too cheesy in it’s acting and overall action/sfx to be properly entertaining. I’m following it if not purely based on curiosity for changes from the original story. Also Gamel from Kamen Rider OOO is in it!

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