Megaranger 1-18





18 DDL:

Finally! I’m sorry for making you all wait for these, I really am. Included in this torrent are the first 18 episodes of Megaranger. 1-10 have been completely redone, and 11-17 have been touched up a bit. 18 is a brand new release. Think of it as my way of saying “sorry for the wait”. Some of the changes I’ve made are: Better timing, Professor Kubota is now Doctor Kubota (Damn English speaking INET lady), BiBiDebi is now BiBiDevi (As in Devil, get it? He pisses me off so much), 1-10 have the new OP translation provided by Magenta, and all the episodes have a brand new ED translation provided by GekiKnight. If you’ve seen my Megaranger before then enjoy episode 18 and help seed. If you haven’t then I hope you enjoy the ride.  Enjoy!

Special thanks to BunnyHat for the Raw’s and to Alkaid for QCing!

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I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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2 Responses to Megaranger 1-18

  1. JP317 says:

    Wait, you do Megaranger, I never would have guessed.

    In all honesty I’m quite happy these are out because it wouldn’t surprise me if most of the old links are dead. If all goes well the other encodes should be all up next Sunday-ish if not it shouldn’t take more than two weeks, but I’ll get 18 done first, as obviously it should be top priority so yeah expect that sometime tomorrow.

  2. FZed says:

    Cools. Been waiting for you to re-release the old stuff so I could play catch up, though I’m still behind on Zyuranger.

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