Digimon Adventure the Movie

You’re not supposed to feed them after midnight.

With Digimon World Re:Digitize for the PSP coming out soon, and the fact that it’s the 15th Aniversary of the Digimon franchise I thought it’d be fun to do something Digimon related. I decided to go back and do the very first Digimon animated special. This movie was a 20 minute special shown in theaters to promote the Digimon Tamgotchi V-pets. The story goes that sometime furing production a TV series was ordered for Digimon and the staff decided to connect it to this movie. In fact, this movie aired one day before the television series started. This movie would be referenced later on in the TV show but could you imagine how confused Japanese children must have been before that? Like, they go see this film and they get to know Taichi, and Hikari, and Greymon and it’s a fun 20 min romp. But then the next day they watch the TV show and Taichi is older, Hikari is no where to be seen, and why does no remember anything!? Of course this all gets answered later on but at the time it must have caused headaches. But anyways, enjoy the movie!

Oh, and as a bonus I included the first OP to the television series. It’s my own take on the lyrics and I hope you enjoy it.

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16 Responses to Digimon Adventure the Movie

  1. FZed says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve watched anything Digimon so this should be fun. Thanks, bro.

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  3. Shadow Moon says:

    Awesome any chance of doing the other movies or any of tv series

    • MegaAnon says:

      If there’s an interest, possibly.

      • FZed says:

        I’d definitely be interested, but you seem to have a lot on your plate right now with Zyu, Mega, Decade and Q10 (I completely forgot you were even doing that until just now).

      • Shadow Moon says:

        Well once you have Zyu / Mega done I would love to see more especially more of the movies as the only subbed versions out there though good are not the greatest quality from what I have seen series wise the only series that are still not fully subbed are Zero Two and Tamers so I would love to see you do them once you have some free time

      • Anon says:

        I would like to add my +1 interest point, especially for the movies. It would be cool to compare the first three films to the English adaption/fusion that is Digimon: The Movie

  4. Zuul says:

    Zero Two and Tamers already have perfectly acceptable subs on Crunchyroll.

  5. moochy says:

    Was Positron the base for the script for this?

    • Oleg Oshmyan says:

      I’ve downloaded both and can say with confidence that, yes, MegaAnon’s script is an edited version of Positron’s v2. In fact, the 0DA606A2 version of MegaAnon’s release even contains this line:
      Video File: ..\..\..\Downloads\[Positron] Digimon Adventure Movie v2 (H264-AAC) [C2D4B7DF].mkv

      By the way, if anyone downloaded the torrent within a day of its release, they should re-download it, because it was replaced after making several tweaks, most importantly attaching a missing font.

      Finally, I want to complain about an error present in MegaAnon’s script but not in Positron’s: the translation line corresponding to ‘Stay shisou na imeeji o someta gikochinai tsubasa demo’ is a verbatim copy of that corresponding to ‘Stay shigachi na imeeji darake no tayorinai tsubasa demo’, whereas it should be different.

      • MegaAnon says:

        Oh durr, how did that line get past me? And yeah I used Positron’s script but this was more for fun and just something Me and a friend wanted to do. Positron does some great work.

  6. minohoro says:

    you gonna get the game if saban or someone else licenses it? I know I will!

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