Zyuranger 23



This episode is incredibly silly. Don’t get me wrong it’s good, but if you’re expecting more of the Dragonranger type of episode then you’re gonna have to wait a bit. This episode is really silly, sillier than monkey people. This episode feels a lot like a Valentine’s episode even though Zyu started airing on Feburary 21.  There’s Cupids, and Pixies, and love, and forced love. Except instead of arrow of love, we get… balls of love. So yeah, enjoy that! There’s really not much I can say about this one. It’s silly, it’s fun, go watch it!

About MegaAnon

I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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4 Responses to Zyuranger 23

  1. Panda says:

    Hello, can u tell me how to use patch?

  2. andhy says:

    I have raw, how to use patch??

    • MegaAnon says:

      I don’t know why you would have the raw when the whole show’s been subbed for months and in a well seeded torrent, but just put the raw into the same folder as xdelta 3, the patch, and the Patcher. Click the Patcher and it should work.

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