Megaranger 19




From the very beginning this episode feels like an endgame episode. It really doesn’t seem like an episode 19. This is more like episode 47 material. You have buildings exploding, a full on invasion, all hell breaking loose, Cats and Dogs living together! MASS HYSTERIA! etc.

Why is all this happening? Because there’s a new baddie in town! His name’s Guirail (Gileel if you watch TV-N/read Wikipedia) and I really hate him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s bad ass and I love the fact that he’s upping the ante, but there’s just something about him. I’m not too keen on his design for one, and that laugh, that fucking laugh. It sounds like he’s choking himself for fun rather than laughing (some people dig that). But whatever that’s just my opinion, and I definitely think what he does is awesome. Guirail is voiced by Tatsuyuki Jinnai, and the only thing really notable I can find out about him is that he voiced Principal Kuno in Ranma 1/2.

Anyways, like I said this episode feels really endgame, but it’s really good. I like that no one’s really reatrded in this episode. For example (spoiler time!) when Kenta runs off and Kouichirou tries to stop him but Shun says that Kenta needs to be alone, Kouichirou is like “Sympathy won’t help him!” I mean that right there is awesome! Don’t let him mope around feeling bad for what he did, go comfort him and help him out. The writers brought their A-game to this episode and I can’t stress that enough.

You want child shields in your Sentai? You wanna see a hero lose the will to fight? You wanna see an old man named Kubota be awesome? You wanna see a kid in bandages give the heroic spirit-raising speech? Then watch this episode. RIGHT. NOW.

Special thanks to Alkaid for QCing!

EDIT: Oh yeah in my hype I forgot to mention something: the Battle Rizer. On the English side of things most/all sources spell it “Riser”. OT used Rizer in Gokaiger 39 because I asked them too but here’s my explanation for it/the explanation I gave to them.

There’s at least 3 “izer” items in Megaranger
>Battle Rizer

Now let’s look at them in Japanese
>デジタイザー (Digitizer)
>ケイタイザー (Keitaizer)
>バトルライザー (Battle Rizer)

Notice they all end in “イザー”? There’s your “izer” (I hope). If 2/3 use a “z” but they all end the same way, then why is one spelled with an “s”? Besides the obvious use of the English word “Riser”.

Anyways that’s my excuse for using a “z” instead of an “s”. Also we don’t normally listen to Bandai toy boxes but that uses a “z” as well (and an “a” too but we’ll ignore that part).

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  1. Chris says:

    No script?

    Anyway thanks for Decade and Megaranger and you other releases ^^

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