Decade 9




The journey continues! Not too much to say about this episode, it just sorta exists. Like I really forgot most of this episode and all I recalled from it is the cafeteria. Some people don’t like this World and I can see why, for one Mutsuki is an insufferable prick (Is he this bad in Blade? I wanna punch him), BOARD has like the most fucked up employee structuring ever (Yet I can accept Ryuki lawyers, go figure).  That said, I love the way Tsukasa acts in this arc. Twice in this episode he tries to make fun of Kazuma and instead Kazuma thinks he’s secretly encouraging him, to which Tsukasa is just like “Uh… yeah, sure that’s it!” I just like that about Tsukasa. He’s a dick but he’s fun to watch, and he’s a ton of fun to sub. I like seeing what smartass line he’s gonna say next. I really do enjoy working on this show, it’s a ride.

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3 Responses to Decade 9

  1. Triforce Saturn says:

    Any chance you’ll be finished with Decade by the time Super Hero Taisen comes out? I really want to watch Decade before it comes out and… TV-Nihon… yeah…

    • MegaAnon says:

      That’s what I want but will the world let me? Who knows. I’m not doing this one alone, though. Different subbers from different groups are working on episodes. For instance Hikari Senshi did 4 and 5, MCS will do some, just to name a few. It all depends on if their schedules can line up right and a few miracles happen. I can say at least 6 future episodes are done. However they’re out of order so the in between episodes need to be filled in. It’s a lot like how a torrent will download the end of a file before the beginning, know what I mean?

  2. Auvers says:

    Mutsuki is even more intolerable in the original but then again Blade in general was so this was probably as good an adaptation as any.

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