Erina Mano- The World is a Summer Party



Close Up:
One Shot Dance:

So yeah, here’s more Erina. Hopefully this is the LAST time I ever release something by her. Why? Because it’s addicting and takes time away from other things, like that Decade batch I’m supposed to do (This is the excuse I use so I can sleep at night. The real reason is I’m lazy). Included in this torrent are SEVEN different versions of the same fucking song. I hope you like summer parties because you’re getting a lot of them. I couldn’t decide which one to do so I them all. Let’s break it down:

Sekai wa Summer Party– The normal PV. It’s Erina being Erina, you know the drill by now. Presented here in Blu Ray quality.

Sekai wa Summer Party (Close Up ver)– Same as above except it’s zoomed in on her face for the entire video. It’s creepy, and kinda uncomfortable but I think some of you will uhhh enjoy it.

Sekai wa Summer Party (Dance Shot ver)– It’s just Erina and her back up dancers doing the dance.

Sekai wa Summer Party (One Shot Dance ver)– Those backup dancers piss you off? Are you sitting there going “WHY!? WHY ARE THESE NOT AS CUTE AS ERINA GIRLS DANCING!? THEY’RE DISTACTING ME FROM MY ERINA!” then this one is for you. It’s Erina dancing by herself, just for you. You poor, lonely, bastard.

Sekai wa Summer Party (Live ver)– Erina preforming the song live. The dancers are there too. I’m sorry to those above.

Sekai wa Summer Party (Piano ver)– Video is exactly like the original except Erina is playing a keyboard instead of dancing. Is also lacking those background girls.

Sekai wa Summer Party (Picture ver)– An instrumental track with various adorable pictures. It’s not subbed and I just threw it in as an extra. Enjoy it.

I think that’s all of them, if it’s not then oh well. I should work on this week’s Zyuranger.

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One Response to Erina Mano- The World is a Summer Party

  1. FZed says:

    Pfft, Mano wishes she was as cute as S/mileage. Thanks for this, bro. I’ll probably wind up doing some sort of Mano marathon/batch/something sometime if you don’t plan on doing any more, since she’s going to graduate from Hello Project next year. I’ll probably do something Mano related this weekend, too.

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