Megaranger 20

Know what’s better than fingers? Gatling gun fingers!



The 20th episode, and a new Mecha. So what better way to celebrate this milestone than by using brand new raws? (Yeah, again). So those DVD9’s I thought we’d never get turned up. Big thanks to the brotastic ARDM for providing the ISO. So from this episode on we’re using DVD9. It’s the best quality you’re gonna get until 2122 when Toei finally releases Megaranger on BluRay. 1-19 will be remuxed and a torrent will be made eventually. Now onto the episode itself:

Like the title/release pic/the first sentence in this post says, the Megarangers get a new mecha. What’s so special about this guy? Three words: GATLING. GUN. FINGERS. Not many things get cooler than that. He also pilots himself (that’s gonna be a problem in about 1 episode). So in a way he’s like a beefed up Tetra Boy from Jetman, except he doesn’t jump around as much. I really like this episode if only because it’s real technical. The basic plot is they need the final control program that will allow MegaRed to issue commands to the new mecha. The problem is the developer of this program is a dick who, in exchange, wants his son to come back to Earth. His son, however, is the CHIEF FUCKING ENGINEER of INET. So of course no one wants him to leave because without him who’s gonna fix the mechs? So the spotlight focuses on this kid and his dad, as well as Kenta. Also Shiborena is really cute when she’s mad, and Kubota is cool as fuck.

Next time: We learn why AI controlled robots are bad and why you should feel bad about using them. Actually… it’s why you should feel bad when the enemy figures out how to use them against you.

Either way! Next time: Three short Japanese words make one extremely long English sentence! Look forward to it!

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5 Responses to Megaranger 20

  1. JP317 says:

    Dude, can you direct me to the new raws? I can’t seem to find them, only links to the old DVD5’s seem to be popping up.

    At first I wondered why the patch wasn’t working, then I actually read the post and saw that you are using new raws, needless to say I felt a little stupid. I’ll have the encodes done at some point tomorrow so expect an email then, or if my current record of forgetting things is anything to go by about 17…

  2. Luffy Kun says:

    Parabéns pelo excelente empenho de trazer esse sentai com qualidade ótima

  3. chris says:

    awesome episode!

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