MegaRanger 1-20 (Again!)




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Like I said in the episode 20 release post, we’ve got DVD9 raws now. So here’s a torrent for Mega 1-20 DVD9. No changes from the last torrent (except the picture quality and some added episodes) but from now on I’ll be seeding this and not the old one. I’ll also take the old one down as soon as the leechers die off. Normally I’d write something nice about the show here, but I think I’ve beaten these first 20 episodes to death and all I can say is: NEVER AGAIN. I really hate making torrents, and patches (which are not yet available for you guys) for more than 3 episodes because it’s so boring. The only thing that got me through this was a complete playlist of Sentai music. So yeah…. enjoy it, I need to go do something fun with the rest of my day before I die of boredom.

(This is like the entire reason I’m dragging my feet with that Decade batch, I’m sorry!)

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5 Responses to MegaRanger 1-20 (Again!)

  1. Diego says:


    “Patch (Won’t do you any good unless you have the raws… which you don’t)”
    That’s one reason why simple .ass files are superior to patch files. Scripts can be used for any kind of raw, so they could be used for other raws and for backup purpose while patches alone can’t. One maybe would have to shift the timings, but that’s not a big problem.

    • MegaAnon says:

      Patches are somewhat better because it creates the exact file that’s in the torrent. So if someone patches their raw and then downloads the torrent, they can help seed the file so other people can download it faster. You can’t do that with an .ass file.

      • Diego says:

        Ok, that’s a point too, but only works if one got the same raw and would only make sense, when at least some people would seed.
        When there e.g. would come new raws (maybe ’cause of a new BD release) or if one would have other raws, patches would be useless.
        Thus, why not both? Maybe in a way like posting scripts only every X episodes (like X=5, 10 oder complete show).
        One might argue, that one can extract the subs, but then one could also download the subbed file and not the raw, thus both, patch and script, would be senseless – but both aren’t.

      • MegaAnon says:

        I never said they weren’t better but for this kind of thing where I initially only offer torrents at first, they are. And why would you want the script if it’s already in the MKV video? Not saying I won’t offer it, I just keep forgetting to.

  2. pittsnoggle says:

    Scripts ….plain and simple

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