Zyuranger 32





Here’s your weekly dose of Zyuranger, now with a new eyecatch and an updated OP (minus Burai)! The opening is really nice with all the Guardian Beasts (In stores now), same goes for the second eyecatch (Each sold separately, unless you buy the gift set). Anyways, this episode is all about Geki and it’s a real “nut up or shut up” type of episode, the one where a character has an issue and they reach this crossroad about what to do. He’s pretty mopey for most of the episode but Goushi makes up for everything. Seriously, Goushi shows that he is the ultimate bro and just how far he’ll go for his friends. There’s really not too much I can say that won’t give you massive spoilers, so just download the episode and watch it already! It’s got some good action, a little blood, a true bro, and a pansy of a monster (He might actually be a rose, I don’t know my flower. Derp. He’s  narcissus, just like his name says).

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I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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4 Responses to Zyuranger 32

  1. kenny says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH MEGAANON!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! …..but where are the DDLs???

    • jps317 says:

      They now exist. Due to time zone differences and stuff it’s probably best to wait about 24 hour before asking where they are, for future reference and stuff. Also it might be longer if stuff is released the beginning of next week as I’m not going to be at home and I don’t know what the internet connection is like where I will be.

  2. kenny says:

    thank you megaanon!! I love you!!

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