Decade 10

Kabuki and Rey. Okay, that’s random.





Here it is, the 10th episode of the 10th Anniversary Heisei series. This time we’re in the world of Faiz! Smart Brain is now a high school, Smart Lady is no where to be found (some of you will appreciate this), Takumi isn’t as… Takumi as his Faiz counterpart is, and Mari is replaced by some other girl. But on the other hand we have misunderstandings, belt stealing, an Orphenoch hating girl, a Rider who shows up out of nowhere, and that delicious sounding Faiz Gear. Wow! It’s like I’m watching the actual Faiz only it’s not written as retarded! Now this is a big step up from Ryuki’s World, let’s see who wrote this: Sho Aikawa. Wait what? He wrote the Ryuki episodes too!? What else was he the head writer on? Boukenger, and Blade? Really? Oddly enough he didn’t write the Blade episodes of Decade. Well. maybe Mr. Aikawa is a Faiz fan, I mean this episode really feels like Faiz only not as Inoue. If you look hard enough you’ll find little Faiz references scattered throughout (including  AU Takumi making somewhat of a reference to the original’s “cat tongue” issue). We also get some really random Tennis shenanigans that seem like something out of a Shonen manga. Is it possibly because Inoue Masahiro (Tsukasa) starred in some Prince of Tennis musicals before Decade? Nah, couldn’t be. Also be on the look out for Ahnkh from Kamen Rider OOO, he’ll b playing our resident bad guy in this world.

This also marks the first actual appearance of Kamen Rider Diend! A Rider so badass that even Narutaki is afraid of him (knowing this show that won’t last long)! So what’s his gimmick? Does he turn into other non-Main Riders? No way, that’s too easy. Instead he summons copies of them. In this episode we get Kabuki and Rey, an odd pair of choices but whatever. They’re both movie Rider with Kabuki coming from Hibiki and Rey coming from Kiva.

Now,  Justifaiz your school days, and watch the amazing treasure sniper as he tries to steal a Rider Gear, even though he has his own Rider Gear! (At least he has good taste in belts)

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