Zyuranger 37





What happens when you take the classic Chinese story “Journey to the West”, add in some off the shelf DX toys, a newtype dino fetus (Dammit Shin!), and dinosaur eggs? This episode of Zyuranger of course! Once again, we see the return of the dinosaur eggs and, as always, Bandora wants to smash them to pieces. But this time we also have a greedy little bastard who wants to raise them as pets. (Like the Zyurangers would just leave a baby T-rex with a group of kids. I’m sure that would go over well. Remember when that kid in Liveman had a pet T-Rex? That was weird.) When I first saw Zyu I figured those eggs would be a one off thing that was never mentioned again. To my surprise they kept floating back into the show. Just think, those eggs could have easily shared the same fate as the Apello monkey people (Remember them? We’re never seeing them again.) or any other guest character in this show. It’s nice that they keep showing up every so often.

Anyways, this week’s DoraMonster is based on the Golden Horned King from Journey to the West. If you’ve read that story then this monster will be very familiar to you. If not then just enjoy a cool monster and maybe go read a book or two afterwards. I haven’t read that story so I’m at a loss for words about this guy, so uhh… get out of here already! Stop reading! Seriously, I mean it. GO!

Enjoy this episode and remember, only 5 hours remain…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you please put scripts separate please. Thank you.

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