AVI, an all but dead container?

From JP, the kind bro who makes the MP4 and AVI files you all love so much:

I’d like to ask anyone who downloads the AVIs just to let me know why you do? I originally started making them because the MP4s didn’t work on my 360 and I wanted everyone to be able to watch the stuff in whatever they want but the MP4s do work now and they are a lot better quality:size ratio. I’m just wondering why people download them as I’m really not fond of them and TBH would rather not bother with them any more unless there is a real need for them, so please let me know if there is a need for them.

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32 Responses to AVI, an all but dead container?

  1. My bluray player allows me to watch avi files, but not MP4 files

  2. GonZaleS says:

    I’m not using .avi – in fact I’m hating hardsubs -, but it could be that some people use .avi, because they have, like gust would most likely call it, toasters = ancient PCs and devices, which can’t play “modern” video files.

    • jps317 says:

      I only really watch the MKVs too but (and I know you probably know this already so I don’t know why I’m continuing this comment) there are people who like to watch the shows on their TVs and don’t have the luxury of being able to hook their computers up to one, which is why I started making the hardsubs a little over a year ago now, wow it really has been that long.

  3. Shadow Moon says:

    I download the episodes from the torrent as soon as they come out so that I can watch the episode as soon as possible, thats the only reason I go for the avi, If possible I would love for the torrent file to mp4 instead of avi

    • Anonymous says:

      The torrents are all MKV though…..

    • jps317 says:

      As the Anonymous person mentioned the torrents are MKV, the MP4 and AVI usually come out within the day the MKVs are uploaded, mainly due to the fact that I have the raws so I grab the patch and work on the other encodes. I make them DDLs because my connection is quite slow, living in a rural UK village will do that to your internet connection, but if anyone wanted to they could make torrents of the other encodes. But even then it’d still be out a little later than the MKVs which wouldn’t really help you out I guess :/

      • Shadow Moon says:

        yeah I meant mkv rather avi but I ended being a little stupid and put down the wrong one my bad, file types aside I am just grateful for all the work you guys are doing and trust me I understand crappy speeds when I was still living in N.Ireland the best you could was 2mb with BT and I am sure you know how BT can be, thankfully now that I am living in Winchester I have a much better connection.

      • jps317 says:

        We used to be with BT as they were the only provider that offered unlimited usage in out area now we are with Orange as it’s either them or BT… But yeah we get like 3mb down and 440kb up, but just 6-8 miles away my cousin gets like 10mb down and they are going to be enabling fibre there soon and here no plans 😦

        I’m hoping to move but there hasn’t been anywhere come up for about two years now, oh well.

  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans says:

    Avi because the file is smaller compare to mkv and mp4 (especially with better quality); I will only download mp4 or mkv if the file is around 130MB++ not more than 200MB of course, due to disc space

    • jps317 says:

      To be honest the AVI and MP4s average out at about the same file size. Just looking through the Mediafire folders, like Zyu’s http://www.mediafire.com/zyuranger, you can see that sometimes the MP4 is smaller than the AVI and the picture quality is better with the MP4, the AVIs seem more blocky to me.

      • Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans says:

        Happy if the file is less than 100MB and we still get good quality, looking that to happen; This is because while download, I am considering my disc space; Plus, I believe those who are here as well…ain’t only download toku as well, maybe other genre like anime =D, just saying…and hope many fansub also see this in their followers while making the file

      • Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans says:

        seriously, i also like to watch what I download on TV, avi support it the most, just saying…feel like I am at Japan when display it on TV XD…
        Besides, I am in Malaysia, but I can’t read chinese sub thou I am a chinese myself…I saw chinese fansub release is way better than English fansub; using the same RAW but they can compress into rm. format file and yet still have the best quality; compare to my coursemates, he have save much more space than me XD…

  5. gokaiblac says:

    I download the AVIs because only them work on my DVD I have in my room. The MKVs only work on my pc and not on the HD TV my parents have which sucks. I download the mkvs to watch them because I just can’t wait and I replace them with the AVIs later to save space as well

    • jps317 says:

      Yeah MKV is an often overlooked container by companies. I have to ask though, have you tried the MP4s and do they not work? Just curious.

      • gokaiblac says:

        The MP4s work on the HD TV we have and the most MKVs as well with H264. Some setting the mkvs have of yours and Over-Time’s too cannot be played. For bioman I download at once the mp4s GUIS release. Same for everything that Over-time releases. If there is AVI I just prefer it over the other types because it just works everywhere. If you choose to not release AVI but just mp4 I will be ok with that since mp4 are out too

  6. yunlien says:

    I don’t really mind avi or mp4 or mkv, I can read all of these files without any problem on my PS3 or 360 with PS3 Media Server (it works with 360 too)

    thanks for your good work 🙂

    • jps317 says:

      I used to use the PS3 Media Server when the videos wouldn’t work on my PS3 so yeah that is always an option. But the MP4s should always work on a 360 or PS3 natively, but I’d definitely suggest a PS3MS for anyone with a PS3 or 360 that wanted to watch the MKVs as soon as they came out.

  7. Sparky says:

    My computer is rather old and tends to overheat, so .avi files work better on it. It’s not that it can’t play MKV files, it’s just less stressful for my system to play videos in other formats. And having mp4 files is great in case I ever want to play them on my phone too.

    Aside from that, I’m loving Zyuranger so far. Keep up the good work! ❤

    • jps317 says:

      Ah I see you have one of those “If I try to do anything a little different it’ll explode” computers :p

      Out of curiosity what phone do you have, as I did try to play an MP4 on my phone but it just looked at me funny and was like “No, just no”.

      • Sparky says:

        LOL, yes, it used to be awesome, but now is kind of one of those “Derp, I just don’t know what went wrong! Shutting down!” computers. ^^;

        I have an iPhone 4. I have an app on it that allows me to play video in almost any format, including AVI, which it normally can’t do. MP4 files will work fine on it without need for any apps. So Zyuranger should play fine on it.

      • jps317 says:

        I don’t know what I was thinking when I said I tried it on my phone and it didn’t work as I just tried again and it did, I must have had a brain fart or something… Yeah we have the same phone so of course mine worked.

  8. james says:

    my samsung tv and xbox won’t display the subs on mkv so i have to use hardsubs. my DLNA won’t stream mp4 files so unless i mess with memory sticks, it’s avi for me

  9. Auvers says:

    I like to watch the shows on my PS3 and MOST avi files work, they also help because I can use MediaGo to convert them to MP4 if they don’t work.

  10. ceninant says:

    Stream using xbox or wii or 360, depending on where I am. Xbox likes AVI files more than x264 files. Wii and 360, I use Tversity to stream them, and it’s very picky with subs.

  11. Nag says:

    I often used .avi’s because of my 360, I’ve not needed to use them for zyuranger because I’ve connected my PC to my TV via HDMI, but that’s on the blink lately – so I may well need to switch back over to my 360, in which case your providing .avi’s will be very handy.

  12. chris says:

    avi and mp4 for me. I watch on my pc and with them in avi or mp4 I don’t have to go through an extra task of converting the mkv’s before making a dvd build.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I use avi’s if possible because then I don’t have to worry if the file will work or not since avi is a more universal format them mp4s

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