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Zyuranger 45

Torrent Patch MP4 AVI We’re back with an episode about the environment! Wait, didn’t Zyu already have one of these? Yeah it did! This one has a nice twist to it though so it’s similar but not too similar. This … Continue reading

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Megaranger 21

Torrent Patch MP4 AVI Sorry this one took so long. I got no good excuse (I was playing video games… would that be a good excuse given this show’s theme? It was research I swear!). So this episode introduces the … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 44

Torrent Patch MP4 AVI How do you start a Goushi centric episode? By playing Mei’s character song of course! No, I don’t why they picked that song but at least it’s catchy. This episode made me shed manly tears, girly … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 43

Torrent Patch MP4 AVI Back when we released Episode 21 I said that Dragon Caesar was “one of my favorite characters in this show, but you won’t get to see why for a while”.  Well, this episode is why I … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 41 and 42

  Torrent Patch 41- MP4 AVI 42- MP4 AVI There’s not much I can say about these episodes without spoiling it so I’ll keep it short. We all thought that it was best to release both of these episodes at … Continue reading

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Momoiro Clover Z- Look Look Here (Pokemon Best Wishes ED 2)

MKV MP4 AVI In celebration of the release of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 I thought I’d sub something Pokemon related. In other words I found this at like 11pm last night and said “Neat!” What this is is … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 40

Torrent Patch MP4 AVI If you watched the preview from the last episode and thought you were getting a full on clip show, I’m sorry. This episode does have a lot of clips from past episodes but, in my mind, … Continue reading

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