Zyuranger 40

You don’t have to rub it in!





If you watched the preview from the last episode and thought you were getting a full on clip show, I’m sorry. This episode does have a lot of clips from past episodes but, in my mind, it’s more of a “Best of” selection. We get to look back at our favorite moments from episodes past,  and see how far our team has come. It’s a really great clip show and don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling nostalgic for a show you just recently started watching. Kou only saw Zyuranger for the first time a year or so ago and she got all nostalgic ( it could also be her love of RPG’s taking effect).

Even if you despise clip shows I would not skip this episode because, like I said, this isn’t a full clip show. There’s plenty of new footage and the clips barely take up half the episode. So sit back, enjoy some memories of battles gone by, and brace yourself for the next chapter. The candle is getting smaller.

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