Zyuranger 44





How do you start a Goushi centric episode? By playing Mei’s character song of course! No, I don’t why they picked that song but at least it’s catchy. This episode made me shed manly tears, girly tears, and had me going “FUCK YEAH!” all at the same time. It’s pretty amazing and manages to be happier than the last two episodes but still pretty sad. This episode is a bit like that Mei episode we had a while back, in the sense that Goushi is the only ranger in this episode, until the very end of course. The character of the day, Sayaka, is really cool and I almost wish she was a recurring guest. Fun note about her actress: She’s sppeared in Turboranger episode 31 and Fiveman episode 34. Also according to this short entry she did a lot of action scenes in these episodes and because she was wearing a skirt there was, obviously, a lot of panty shots. Now apparently she’s rather proud of these shots. Don’t believe me? Here’s Magenta’s summary of the article: “Basically “she had a lot of action scenes and she was in a skirt with bloomers that ended up causing a lot of panty shots because creepy fucking filming techniques, but for some reason this crazy bitch found it kinda amusing and is proud of it””. So yeah… I’ll just leave you with that, and this link to Mei’s character song: Yumemiru Otome no Chikara Kobu

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One Response to Zyuranger 44

  1. Dan says:

    WO!! Another great release!

    Thank you!

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