Megaranger 21





Sorry this one took so long. I got no good excuse (I was playing video games… would that be a good excuse given this show’s theme? It was research I swear!). So this episode introduces the newest combination, Super GalaxyMega! It also includes the longest ohrase I’ve ever had the pleasure of typing out, Super Electromagnetic Combination. What a mouthful. Overall this is highly enjoyable episode involving zombies, radio waves, rocket punches that would make Mazinger proud, and lots of explosions. It’s a fun ride. This episode also marks the debut of the second ED song, Bomb Bomb Dancing. Bon is a Buddhist custom that involves different things, one of which is Bon Dancing. Bomb Dancing is just a not so clever pun on that. In fact there’s one instance in the ED song where the lyrics say Bomb but in order to get the complete reference Magenta translated it as Bon (Also it makes the Megarangers not look like terrorists). I really like this song but your experience may differ. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this ED doesn’t stick around for too long before we go back to the old ED. I like this happier theme a bit more but oh well. Enjoy the Mega! I’ll be back with some Zyu later in the week!

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2 Responses to Megaranger 21

  1. iwan says:

    thank u hope u also subbed older sentai like gorangers?

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