Zyuranger 45

Fall into despair!





We’re back with an episode about the environment! Wait, didn’t Zyu already have one of these? Yeah it did! This one has a nice twist to it though so it’s similar but not too similar. This episode is called “A Jerky Little Kid” and this kid really lives up to that title. If you hate bratty kids and want to see one get beat up then this episode was made for you. This kid gets exactly what’s coming to him. Next week we have a really good action packed episode to look forward to, and then Zyuranger hits it’s endgame episodes. Look forward to it and Happy Halloween!

About MegaAnon

I sub Toku and Toku accessories.
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3 Responses to Zyuranger 45

  1. Kou says:

    You’re mean, MegaAnon. I didn’t know you were so mean. 😦

  2. nixnames says:

    Hmmm….happy halloween

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