Dinosaur Week Day 3: Zyuranger 49

Game over, man. Game Over.





We’re back with the next to last episode! The Dinosaurs are dead, Humanity is facing extinction, and the Zyurangers are completely helpless! If the first 5 minutes of this episode don’t traumatize you in some way, then you have no soul. This is such a great episode and it has everything you’ve come to expect from Zyu up till now. The action is, as always, top notch! Boi’s actor does this amazing stunt that just blew my mind (you’ll know it when you see it). Everything comes to a climax in this episode and both sides are now playing for keeps. Only this time, Bandora is winning. But just when things look hopeless, and our heroes are about to give up, a familiar song starts to play…

We’ll see you tomorrow for the final chapter in this amazing story. The final battle between Bandora, Humanity, and Satan is about to draw to a close. The ride is almost over.

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6 Responses to Dinosaur Week Day 3: Zyuranger 49

  1. minohoro says:

    two in one day? marry me you big hunk!

  2. Anyone says:

    Thank you for releasing these only days apart! I really appreciate it! This is by far my favorite Sentai every.

    • MegaAnon says:

      Your favorite? Reading that just made my day. You’re awesome!

      • Anyone says:

        No, thank you! Bandora and her gang are hands down the best villains ever conceived. Bandora was such a great villain that she easily became the best known villain and recreated in North America’s Power Rangers. All the Zyurangers are likable and interesting. Especially the story and animosity between Burai and Geki. And I was not expecting Mei to be taking a bath with an old woman!!! What a perfect show..

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