Dinosaur Week Day 4: Zyuranger 50 THE END

“…The End”





Full Series Batch (Will be added next week)

Trivia: See if you can spot the Jetman reference in this episode!

Here we are at last. It’s been 6 months since we started this show, yet it feels like only yesterday. For that very first release, I posted a picture of the book that opens up before the opening of every episode. Now here I am, posting the final page from that book. The last chapter from the fantasy story that is Zyuranger.

Zyuranger was my very first Sentai and it’s always held a special place in my heart. To be able to fansub it and share it with other people has been nothing short of amazing. Before we started this project, people didn’t hold Zyuranger in very high regards. I’d see blog posts, and forum posts, and 4chan threads about how bad Zyuranger supposedly was. When we started off, it felt like we were the only 3 who really loved this show. Of course we weren’t, and those opinions will never die, but since we’ve started this project I’ve seen a lot of praise for Zyuranger and that just makes me smile. It was a lot of fun releasing this every week. I loved reading people’s responses to the show. Every Monday, I’d get a little bit anxious until Lynxara handed me the script, and not once did I grow tired of it. It never felt like a chore that I had to do. It was fun the whole way through, and a total labor of love from all of us.

Now, I’d like to thank all the great people at GUIS for letting us do this show under their name, and being total bros. BunnyHat, thank you for the raws, they’re beautiful. Of course, I have to mention Kou and Lynxara. Without them, Zyuranger would still be unsubbed. Lynxara thinks I give her more credit than she deserves, but she really held this project together and was a great person to bounce ideas off of. Lynx, you were always there to answer my questions no matter how stupid they were. You were also the one who first asked me to to work on this project, and for that you get my eternal thanks. Kou, you’re an amazing translator, and one of the best I’ve ever seen. You have an amazing way with words and everything in your scripts felt just right. I’m extremely grateful that you decided to do Zyuranger, and I’m still amazed at how fast you could translate an episode. Someone on /m/ said that “I feel as if it was totally worth the wait”, and I think that’s totally because of your amazing translation. You two were a pure joy to work with. Here’s to the future!

And, of course, I have to thank the people who watched this show. Every single one of you out there who decided to give this show a chance. If it was your first Sentai then, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope you check out the other shows as well. If you’re a long time fan, I hope you enjoyed it just as much. I’ve always thought that Zyuranger was a very special show, and I hope you all did too. If you’re one of the people who watched this show, even for just a few episodes, and didn’t like it, thank you. At least you gave it a shot, and that’s all that matters. To the people who are about to watch it, you’re in for a fun ride and I hope you enjoy where it takes you. For 49 release posts I’ve used this space to share my thoughts and opinions on the show. I think now it’s time to let Kou and Lynxara share their thoughts as well.


So I’d like to say that I got involved with the Zyuranger project because it was a favorite series of mine, but that’s not the case. I first saw Zyuranger years ago, untranslated. When episodes circulated on VHS, it wasn’t unusual for fans to put “key episodes” of a given show all on one tape. In the case of Zyuranger, there was a tape that did the rounds with a bunch of the major Dragonranger episodes on it.

Some shows are easy to enjoy even without translation. Zyuranger wasn’t one of them. Watching the Burai saga out of context and with episodes skipped left me with a very “That’s it?” impression of the show. I proceeded to spend years thinking it must be mediocre or bad. When I got involved in the subbing project, it was mainly because I saw an opportunity to help out my various friends and get the project finished in a more timely fashion.

Now that I’ve seen every episode of Zyuranger in well-translated form, I feel comfortable saying that my younger self was pretty stupid. Zyuranger is good Sentai. It’s one of the few shows where sitting down and watching every episode, from the crazy filler to the weighty plot arcs, absolutely pays off. I’m glad this show was made and I’m even gladder that it’s now available for people to see as it was meant to be seen.


All I can say is that it’s been my absolute pleasure for the last nine months to be able to work to give an English voice to the always heartfelt, clever, and occasionally mind-blowingly surreal scripts of Sugimura Noboru and his staff of writers. Much thanks to MegaAnon for taking on the release and heading off my more ill-advised translation decisions, to Lynxara for playing agent, advisor, and editor, and to the guys at GUIS for promoting and distributing the release.

While tonight marks the end of one journey, there is still a lot of toku to be translated and not a one of us plans to stop with this. I hope you’ll keep an eye out here and in the other usual places, because 2012 is almost done and 2013 is gonna be one amazing year.

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41 Responses to Dinosaur Week Day 4: Zyuranger 50 THE END

  1. cypsiman2 says:

    I just want to say how incredible it is that you were able to get this whole series done in such a short amount of time; I myself have been holding off on watching Zyuranger until it was all ready, available, and downloaded, and now that this is accomplished I am going to hunker down and dig right into the dinosaur fantasy that is Zyuranger.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing what other projects you decide to pursue in the future.

  2. ed says:

    Can you translate this video of zyuranger? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13JZDfBDxHA

  3. Nag says:

    Thanks for completing this series, I really can’t give it or you enough praise.

    I could write a lengthy post about how much I loved this series, but it wouldn’t do it justice. I went in feeling jaded, not expecting it to match my love of Jetman despite having a great love of the mechs and suits in zyuranger thanks to growing up with the first season of power rangers, nostalgia is a powerful thing.

    What I got was the most solid sentai cast I’ve ever seen, not a single weak member and some of the greatest out of costume fight sequences I’ve seen in toku since Hiroshi Fujioka broke his legs, I was amazed when the out of costume fight between Geki and Burai was better than the in-costume section.

    Thankyou so much for letting me experience this amazing series.

  4. jps317 says:

    Is it odd that I want to give you three a standing ovation? You know I love you guys, even if I only really only tell one of you. On a side note I’ve been putting of watching the final few episodes until I had them all so mini Zyu-a-thon here I come.

    The encodes should be up in about 2-3 hours as I’m just about to leave the house, but fortunately go somewhere with much better internet.

    Oh and as you called this Dinosaur Week I’m expecting some Abaranger tomorrow :p

  5. Silver says:

    Yes, and some exclusive Kyoryuger pics and info on Saturday. 😛

  6. Damn it, Megan! Making me tear up like that. ;~;

    I am so glad someone finally did this show, and now that it’s finished, I can go though it all in one shot. It’s going to be amazing and I look forward to whatever you decide to put out next. ❤

  7. Kou says:

    I knew I forgot someone! FortMax should be the first person to thank, because without the raws I would never have seen the show at all!

  8. Sparky says:

    It’s been a great pleasure to follow the Zyurangers’ journey from beginning to end. Thank you for subbing this series! It was a welcome distraction from grad school work, and an enjoyable one at that. Looking forward to future releases from you guys. ❤

  9. luurah says:

    I finally managed to finish watching the entire series. It has been an excellent, wild, and mystical ride from beginning to end. I’ve always wondered what the sentai series that was used in the 1st season of MMPR was like. Thanks to everyone involved, that is now a reality. Thank you to everyone who brought this masterpiece subbed to the masses. You are all awesoome!

    I can only imagine what could be ahead in the future…

    Thank you all… 🙂

  10. yunlien says:

    just wonderful, I’m speechless, so I’ll just say thank you for your hard work \o/

    And for the Jetman reference, I didn’t get it, so if you please….:p

  11. minohoro says:

    well zyu is done. sigh, I guess all thats left now is to wait until 2014 when tv nihon finishes mega. unless you have another project in mind?

  12. Adam Costello says:

    Astounding. I have been here since you started Subbing the eps from Episode 17 and onward and it has been so wonderful adn spectacular, watchign EVERY Ep in Crystal Clear Vision, Understanding what they’re saying AND watching the Awesoem Action.

    You Deserve a Award for this, A Grammy!! And your Gonna be doing Fiveman Next?

    *weepy* I don’t know what to do or say next, you people are so kidn an thoughtful, giving US English Speaking Sentai Fans a chnace to watch this Spectacular show. And Soon, others before it, which have influenced such a Massive Following in America Or ANYWHERE!!

    Sincerely: A True And Appreciative Fan with Graditude.

  13. minohoro says:

    anyway I think the reason people hate zyu is well.. it ruined the tone. Hirohisa Soda wanted to make sentai for more then just children and tokishiki inoue continued that dream. then Noboru Sugimura came and made it for children again destroying the last 10 years of years of ground. still zyu is very well written and deserves to be watched. thank you and I will look forward to your “secret” later.

  14. Kamizawa says:

    Thx you very uch for translating this series
    Btw do you have batch torrent for this series ?

  15. wandi says:

    thank you all, finally the best if not the very best classic sentai gets it spot light in translation. while any other fansubs refuse an stay far away from zyuranger you guys, silently translating it (heck, for the couple of months I’m still thinking nobody going ever doing this show), but I got stumble to your blog from GUIS and I cant believe it you really did subbing this epic. Thanks guys, I know zyurangers since i was a kid watching Power Rangers and hoping somehow someway the tv stations in my country would playbanck zyurangers but alas since the power rangers show appears first nobody else would showing true sentai anymore. And for years to come I never thought I’ll be ever watching zyurangers but you guys pull it off. thank you again. WIll be waiting for 2013 surprise 😀

  16. minohoro says:

    wait I just realized kou said tokusatsu, not sentai. eh im fine with any.I just hope its a sentai as I am going on a “watch all sentai before gokaiger” thing. is it a sentai? also speaking of gokai, were you happy goushi showed up?

    • MegaAnon says:

      Of course I was happy! Especially after hearing how they didn’t know how they were going to get someone from Zyu to come back, they found Goushi’s actor. And when they went to meet with him he had his old Dino Buckler with him and he happily agreed to come back. That’s just awesome.

      But personally, I thought they were going to get Reiko Chiba (Mei) to come back. She seems to be more active then the others. I actually tweeted a picture of Mei to her and she responded to me with “:D”. Made my day.

      And the only other Zyuranger I know about still is Geki. I saw a recent picture of him and Kenta Satou (He sings Zyu’s OP, Turboranger’s OP, and played RedTurbo). That’s all I know.

  17. minohoro says:

    anyway back too my first thing. I hope you trio are doing a sentai but im fine with anything (except for rider, I mean the whole series is almost subbed at this point).

  18. Dan says:

    MegaAnon –

    Can’t thank you guys enough for the hard work! This was my first sentai as well and It will always keep a corner deep down in me with lots of love :0. This sentai was destined to shine and it did. The funny part is that after watching Zyuranger.. I can’t take Power Ranger season1 seriously anymore.. It really shatters some memories too like knowing that most of the fights were strictly stolen from Zyuranger, so Trini, Jason, Tommy etc were never the ones in the suit except in some ocassions., You can’t copy the original! and on this instance it still stands. At the end of the day I love both though 🙂

    MegaAnon you released the Dragonzord song in one of your releases. Mind sharing the complete album? It would really be great to have the BGM and what not.

    Thank you so much for all!

  19. minohoro says:

    huh goseiger is your 3rd.


  20. Ataru320 says:

    Great to see Zyu done and can’t wait to see what’s next.

    BTW: gonna do a full-series torrent for Zyu? To make it easier for us who want it all in one gulp?

  21. nypad69 says:

    Anyone who missed the “Jetman Reference”.. when Daizyujin was fighting DoraTalos, there is a steady camera pan after Daizyujin summons the godhorn.. look sharply at the building billboards ;D

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