Decade 11-17

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This time we have 4 stops on our Journey through the Decade with 2 of them being brought to us by HikariSenshi (Den-O) and 2 from MidnightCrew (Kabuto). First off we’ll finish our adventures in Faiz’s World, then we’ll COUNT ZERO in the world of Agito. After that we’ll take a trip through time in the DenLiner (Coffee and pudding will be served), and finally we’ll CAST OFF and CLOCK UP in Kabuto’s World (It’s okay I groaned at this too). In total we have 7 whole episodes and they’re arguably some of the best Decade has to offer (inb4 “implying that’s hard”). In regards to the Den-O/Decade Movie I’ll sum it up by saying exactly what Tsukasa says at the end of the Den-O episodes, “This is their story now. It’s up to them to continue it.” Basically, you’ll get it eventually but it’s not super important, and it’s more Den-O territory than it is Decade anyways.

Also a bit of subbing trivia: Episodes 12 and 13 were completed in September… of 2011. They were actually the second set of episodes I had done after Kuuga. Kiva from H-S and Kabuto from MCS followed shortly after that. The original plan was to have a different group/person on every world. I was set to do Kuuga, Agito, Black, the last episodes, and the movies. But of course, that didn’t happen so the Agito eps have just sat on my HDD this entire time. When it comes to Decade, everything gets done out of order. But it was really cool to see my work from 2011. I’ve actually gotten better! (Ain’t that a shocker?)

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6 Responses to Decade 11-17

  1. minohoro says:

    so I have to ask, do you even like this show or did you just do it to balance out your scrubbing?

    • MegaAnon says:

      Good question! Little of both actually! I despised Decade but when I started doing Mega I got this urge to rewatch it. I figured a scrub would be the best idea and it would balance out the episodes of Mega (TVN only had 21 at the time so in total it’d be 50 something episodes). Working on it has made me like it though. I can say that now I like Decade a lot.

  2. minohoro says:

    To quote hoji: supa cool!

  3. Hi, ty for these awesome subs, could u provide ddl for mkv please ? would be good coz in my country torrent can coz problem.
    ty again for u hard work

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