Megaranger 22-23

22 release pic



Matsukaze Masaya’s Shin Hyakka Seiran II medley

Shin Hyakka Seiran Collection

22 – MP4 AVI

23 – MP4 AVI

Before I start talking about these episodes, let’s get a little meta for a moment. This will be the last episode of Megaranger I ever scrub. I’m not quitting, and I’m not dropping the show, but I won’t be scrubbing it. When MFC released Goseiger I left, what I though was, an easy to spot hint in the release post.  Here I’ll repost it for you: “I want you to take a look at our group name and think Mega hard about where we got that name from.” Apparently what I thought was an easy hint proved to be a little tough for some people. Only a small handful of people got it, and a few more after I pointed it out. Some forum poster even thought I had dropped Mega completely. Clearly I need to rethink my hints in the future. Let’s break it down.

MillionFold Curiosity sounds rather odd, doesn’t it? Just where did we get that from? Let’s try this: “Hyakuman bai no koukishin” Sound a bit more familiar? How about this: “It’s curiosity times a million!” That’s right. MFC comes right from the opening of Megaranger. Even though Goseiger was our first project, we’ve always had this show in mind. Kou has been awesome enough to take this show under her wing. However, she wants to finish up some of her other translation commitments, both online and real before she starts this show. So you won’t be seeing any Megaranger for about 2 months at least. I debated about releasing these episodes now, but I didn’t want to sit on these any longer, you guys deserve them. Now let’s get rid of this meta crap it doesn’t belong in a release post. Onto the episodes!

Episode 22

Episode 22 is all about Blue and Pink. In fact this episodes flat out ships them. Our little Miku’s developed a crush on our very own Cool Blue Mega Dude. This is a really cool episode and Shun really steals the spotlight. Don’t worry, Miku has her moment too, it’s just not as awesome as Shun’s moments. The other Megarangers are in this episode a bit, but they don’t do much. It’s all ShunxMiku! At least they wrote in a good reason for it.

Since he totally steals the show this episode, let’s talk about Shun’s actor, Matsukaze Masaya. His debut role was Megaranger and from there he became a pretty well known voice actor. Some examples of his work include: Blues/Protoman in Rockman.EXE, Kane in Bodacious Space Pirates, Pirohiko Ichimonji in Zettai Hero Project for the PSP, Gokumaru in Engine Sentai Go-Onger, and the 17th head of the Shiba Clan in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. He also recently released a medley of songs for the “Hyakka Seiran” series of albums. These albums are compilations of medleys sung by different voice actors. Masaya is on Shin Hyakka Seiran II, specifically track 6. He covers some fan favorite anime songs, but the real reason to listen this (besides him singing Saint Seiya and Sun Vulcan) is for the last song he sings. I think all you Mega fans will really like it. On the subject of Hyakka Seiran, thanks to Boukendreamer for hooking me up with these albums, they’re pretty awesome. Check em out at the link above! I also highly recommend Daisuke Namikawa’s (Speedor in Go-Onger) medley on the Hyakka Seiran Dansei Seiyuu Hen III album. He sings the Go-Onger theme in full character and then goes right into Space Battleship Yamato. What a combo.

Need more MegaBlue? Here is a clip from a TV show where he breaks into various voice actors hotel rooms while they’re sleeping, and wakes them up. Why does he do this? To get them to read a line from a character they voice of course! The goal is to see who says it the fastest. It’s pretty weird.

Also, I would like to add that I was NOT held at gunpoint by my very nice editor, Alkaid, and told to write a post that praises the amazing and cool MegaBlue and totally forgets to mention Miku’s career (She was Eiji’s Mom in Boukenger) Don’t shoot!

Episode 23

It’s KentaxChisato time! 22 was pretty heavy on the MikuxShun, and this episode isn’t as heavy on the shipping, but you get the feeling they’re trying to pair everyone off (Except Kouichirou who has no time for females).  This episode is a lot sadder than the preview at the end of 22 makes it look. It’s a really good episode with a lot of funny and cute moments to keep you satisfied until the end. But oh man, that ending. One thing nice about this episode is that it goes out on a laugh so you won’t be too depressed. We also get the first appearance (IIRC) of Kenta’s Mom! One thing to note is that when Kenta tries to name his new baby notDinosaur he lists off a bunch of yakiniku food. Jut in case you were curious. As for actors, I can’t find much. Kenta’s actor doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. Chisato’s actress, Tanaka Eri, was in Kuuga as a Cop, and Boukenger as Natsuki’s Mom. And that is about all I can find, sadly. But, hey, how about that preview for 24? Things are getting really M-E-G-A on this show. The next time you see a Megaranger release it’s going to have a fresh coat of shiny silver paint. Until then!

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20 Responses to Megaranger 22-23

  1. Anonymous says:

    Question: Will the Megaranger project under MFC as a group pick up where you’re leaving it now, or will it be restarting?

  2. jps317 says:

    Quick random blurb from me, this is a little sad as I started encoding due to these scrubs, granted I’m happy that we are getting full subs in the future so that balances it out :p

    It feels like pretty soon I’m going to be encoding everything that Kou’s translating and that can only be a good thing, for me at least.

  3. Ako says:

    Hey, Mega. Just to let you know, even if it’s not too much. Kenta’s actor was in Den-O arc. The eps were 15 and 16. He played a man who’s first taken as a hostage along with Ryotaro. The actor for Kenta played an employee who was framed of stealing money from his job and fired. Den-O helped him to clear his name.

  4. Ataru320 says:

    Yeah, I hear this silver guy is a real “stag” :p

  5. kudosforce says:

    Well, that’s okay. I’m willing to be patient when it comes to subbed Sentai shows (given the amount of time that no one subbed any more Changeman), so a two-month wait won’t be such a big deal.

    Also, Kou shifting her priorities means that she might actually get to finish on Da Garn, among other things. 😀 After all, that one’s overdue.

  6. Dan says:

    Thanks for all the work you’ve done on this! Mega has been awesome.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh, amazing! Thank for nice job.

  8. invisiblerobot says:

    So Mega, if you’re handing off Megaranger to Kou, can we get a hint on what you’ll be working on next? I really love the work you guys do, I actually just finished Zyuranger this morning and was blown away. It was my first Super Sentai series, I’ve watched. I’m also anxiously waiting for the rest of Goseiger. Thanks for everything!!

  9. Chris says:

    @Virushoper i forgot to add “‘s blog” behind “virusshoper or Shir” lol. Sorry.

  10. Chris says:

    Just checker it was shir. Here the quote : “At GUIS, we are putting the final touches to the Liveman V2’s and the Maskman translations are nearly finished. The Zyuranger team is working on a special project, and we are planning to release Changeman somewhere next year. When Maskman is over, I would love to work on Abaranger or Spielvan.”

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