Zyuranger 35

Ninja Sentai Zyuranger!





Alright we’re back with another episode of Kakuranger! Wait, no that’s not right, but it should be. This episode is all about Ninjas and watching it really makes you forget that we’re dealing with a DINOSAUR Sentai team. It feels very much like a ninja action movie with some science thrown in (guess we’re Dynaman now too). Boi gets the spotlight this episode and from this point onwards he’ll forever be remembered in Sentai history as a ninja (although this episode wants us to think he was one before). This seems to be one of those special Sentai episodes where a certain character does something that people just remember. Like for example, the Magical Sisters Dance from Magiranger. It happened once, but it was awesome and everyone remembers it. If you saw the preview from last week’s episode then you already know what this memorable attack is. It’s so memeorable that in the Dice-O arcade game it’s actually one of his attacks (as well as that move he does in the OP where he steps on everyone’s shoulders). If you ever want to see AkaRed (Or any other Sentai hero) doing the Magical Sisters dance then you need to look up some Dice-O videos.  But enough about Dice-O, back to Kakura-, Dynam-, Zyuranger! This is definitely a memorable episode and it’s a ton of fun of watch, so enjoy it and look forward to next week. And remember, everything you learned in life can be learned from monkeys. Also stay away from mirrors.

Here’s a few Dice-O links to keep you entertained while the episode downloads:

Dice-O Zyurangers (pretty generic Dice-O setup if you ask me. Dude needs more imagination)

And here’s a short vid of Geki trashing the Boukengers.

Now THIS is how you play Dice-O

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One Response to Zyuranger 35

  1. urtoast says:

    Now you realize one of the roles Boi’s actor player years earlier and see this might just be a tongue-in-cheek reference to that :3

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